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From the get go these headphones were snug and fit firmly around our head and ears without too much adjustment. We tried them out while running, doing yard work, running errands and even used them in the car, and the fit stayed tight yet comfortable without having to adjust them over and over again. The cord also houses a microphone and remote for calls and controlling your music.

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Callahan's rich baritone vocals are matched with a solid high-mid presence that gives them added clarity, and the strums of the guitar also benefit from some higher frequency sculpting. Wearing the Humlans was a breeze and we found them to be consistently comfortable.

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You can also use the second audio jack to link another pair of headphones and share the listening experience with a friend, which is a cool bonus. It's important to make sure you have the headphones sitting properly on your ears. At more moderate levels, the bass response is still powerful, and the highs are reasonably well represented.

When we did want to adjust them, a simple push and pull on each headphone made for a more comfortable fit. Seriously, you can choose from over a dozen colors so you can get them in your favorite color without them looking tacky or overdone. Available in matte black, gray, indigo blue, pink, powder blue, red, or white, the look is simple, refined, and stylish. They can sit just slightly off angle, and feel perfectly comfortable, but audio can become tinny or nasal and strongly sculpted in the high-mids and highs.

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They produce dynamite sound and their affordable price tag make them a great buy for anyone looking to own a better set of headphones. It doesn't sound bad in the slightest, and bass lovers will enjoy it, it's just not accurate. Throw in the detachable cable, and you've got yourself a solid deal. Range and tone clarity were spot on each time we used them and high, low and middle ranges were all distinct and clear without becoming distorted even when the volume was turned all the way up.

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Say no to all those cheap brands and to that tacky set of headphones that you would not be caught wearing in public and yes to the rich sound and easy to wear Humlans by UrbanEars. There are way too many headphones out there that are just too crazy looking to wear in public, but the Humlans do not have that problem and they look and feel like a set of headphones should. The thought of someone else's sweaty head and ears snuggly fit against your headphones is not a pleasant one. We love that these headphones come with a washable mesh bag to carry them around in and we love that they come in so many color choices. The headphones aren't quite as bass-forward as some other pairs we've tested recently, are dating websites legitimate but bass lovers on a budget will not be disappointed with the lows they can conjure.

The remote and mic sit at roughly chin level, and the mic offers above-average intelligibility. Even as we turned the volume way up the music stayed clear, but the depth in bass began to lack. That is why we think the whole wash and wear concept is one that anyone can appreciate.

The inline remote control is of the one-button variety, so there is some limitation there. For those with smaller ears, you may notice that they barely fit completely around the width of your ears so those with larger ears may have harder time with these headphones. Maybe you own a pair or two of those cheaply made headphones, you know the ones that you bought last minute to get you by without having to spend a fortune. Let's be honest, no one wants to share their headphones.