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The current diagnosis for transsexual people who present themselves for medical treatment is gender dysphoria leaving out those who have sexual identity disorders without gender concerns. Gynephilic transsexed woman refers to a woman of transsexual background whose sexual preference is for women.

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They are, post-op, pre-op, and non-op, respectively. The term, along with gynephilia, is needed to overcome immense difficulties in characterizing the sexual orientation of transmen and transwomen.

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Beyond Benjamin's work, which focused on male-to-female transsexual people, there are cases of the female to male transsexual, for whom genital surgery may not be practical. Gynephilic and androphilic derive from the Greek meaning love of a woman and love of a man respectively.

However, these studies are limited as they include a small number of tested individuals. There can be various reasons for this, from the personal to the financial. Like other trans people, transsexual people prefer to be referred to by the gender pronouns and terms associated with their gender identity. Those who are writing and researching in this area would do well to adopt his clear and concise vocabulary. Any attempt to classify them may not only cause confusion but arouse offense among the affected subjects.

In such cases, while defining sexual attraction, it is best to focus on the object of their attraction rather than on the sex or gender of the subject. For completeness, a lesbian is a gynephilic woman, a woman who likes other women. Studies have also found that both androphilic and gynephilic trans women's brain function and responses are like cis women's and unlike cis men's, or are intermediate between the two. For example, he proposes the terms gynephilic and androphilic to indicate the type of partner preferred regardless of an individual's gender identity or dress.

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What would be the situation after corrective surgery has been performed and the sex anatomy now resembles that of a woman? Alternatively, I use gynephilic and androphilic to refer to sexual preference for women and men, respectively. For them, their sex organs, dating sim where you play as a girl the primary testes as well as the secondary penis and others are disgusting deformities that must be changed by the surgeon's knife.