She was also built for scissoring

Tight Pantyhose Headscissors

She uses moves that he's neverIt is very effective

She barely lets Jay breathe and when she does, it's usually only for a split second. Xenia then picks him up by the collar and holds him up firmly in a standing bodyscissor, slowly breaking his ribs. She uses moves that he's never experienced before and forces her feet in his face numerous times while he's locked in a hold. Needless to say, Jay barely makes it out alive and you'll see it in this Bedroom Battle. In the heat of the moment, she knocks him out twice.

Rib breaker and neck snap only

She now owns his ass and there's no turning back. Her technique is perfect and you can tell she knew exactly what she was doing. After failing to reveal his friend's location, she simply constricts her gluteus muscles and renders him paralyzed from the neck down.

Nikki's legs and booty are absolutely superb and when she applies a scissorhold, you better hang on for the ride of your life. Rib breaker and neck snap only available in the Full Length Video. It is very effective, impossible to escape and dangerous as hell as you will see.

Xenia then picks him up by

Every scissor gets more intense than the previous one and she saves the best for last. After playing with her new squeeze toy, she breaks out the handcuffs and locks his wrist to her own. Bambi loves to tickle, especially when her opponent is already out of breath. This time, Sara may have scared him off for good.

She barely letsNikki's legs and booty