She will laugh, cry and beg

Stunning sex is the only thing that makes our female agent pleased

See the magnificence

Catch it over in the Pay Load area. For the video clip update this week, it's Terra Mizu in a red leather bolero straitjacket. Red hot redhead Lukovoa is strapped up in a nice tight straitjacket, ballgagged, and hobbled with leather institutional cuffs. Then Death Storm decides she's had enough of the rough play, she wants her new toy to be silent.

For the video clip this week

The video clip this week is the lovely Bella Ink being bundled up in the white latex straitjacket, then struggling while ballgagged and ankle cuffed. Then for this week's video clip, the stunning Eunoia is strapped up into a small Posey straitjacke wearing only some ultra glossy pantyhose. Unbeknownst to our superheroine, the Candy Man is expecting her. The video of that botched shoot did survive and got used.

This week's video cilp is Rachel Adams in a black leather straitjacket, ballgagged and ballet splinted. Get it over in the Pay Load area.

Local lass Violet Stone

Super Angela bursts in to rescue you, but she steps on a button in the floor which triggers a special gas to be released from vents in the walls. The artist's name is CoCo.

Tried something different for this week's

Another new model is welcomed to straitjacketed. The cream latex straitjacket is wreapped up tight on her body, then she's ballgagged and has her beautiful legs bound together with leather straps.

She the new loveliness over in the Pay Load area. Revel in the Pay Load area. Local lass Violet Stone looks smashing this week in some leather-like leggings, heels, bodysuit, and eventually a tightly applied Max Cita.

Bask in the

See the magnificence for yourself in the Pay Load area. Bask in the glory over in the Pay Load area. Tried something different for this week's video update, and thankfully the stunning Cobie was game. For the video clip this week, new gal Kajira Bound gets bound in a small Posey straitjacket.

Wonder Woman has been captured by Max the Mechanic and she is about to meet her fate. Last week's update has been replaced with a proper new Lukovia photo set. Then this week's video clip is Miss Valerie struggling in a small Posey straitjacket while ballgagged and frogtied. She banters hilariously for minutes on end as a perverted orderly slowly seals her into a tight leather personal prison. Her beautiful eyes plead for release.

Revel in the PayShe the new loveliness