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Add capital letters and full stops to the following sentences. You have told me in the letter you stood first in the final examination of grade one. The speaker sees a fairy city in his feet. Though it is in capital city, my place is quite peaceful. Write a letter to your best friend giving information about the environment of your place.

Answer the following questions. Put the words in right order to make sensible sentences.

Complete the following sentences choosing words given in the box. So we can see mixed culture in this place. She has put a blanket over his body. Trees are important source of our life. The fishes play very merrily.

The axe fell in the river. Chundi, Ramgha of Tanahun.

Use these words in your own sentences. She was numbed due to cold. One rotten apple rote other apples. Punctuate the following sentences. The stars twinkle at night.

Many parrots are vividly coloured, and some are multi-coloured. What does the kite meet in the sky? Rewrite the following as in the example.

Trees keep the earth's temperature cool. Plaything, tiffin, pencil, book. Correct the following statements. The pools seem like velvet skies in the rainy nights.

Parrots make their nests in holes of trees. Tick the correct words and complete the text.

The woodcutter was an honest person. His mother was worried because she could not improve her son's manner.

The butter melted in the sun. The meat was tied with a string and dragged along by Hans.

Biraj and Niraj are pilot, they fly an aeroplane. And why the wind is never seen. People from different parts of the world live here. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Ask students to find themselves. Choose the best option from the list given after each questions. God was happy to see honesty of wood cutter. As it glides through the air-.

Write any five things happening around you. Complete the sentences with words from the poem.

The witch cut Rapunzel's hair because the prince had come to visit Rapunzel climbing in her hair. Some people are harming our earth by cutting down the trees.

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The woodcutter was cutting down a tree when his axe fell into the river. The cloud looks violet in the summer twilight.

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Yes, the speaker likes the rainy season. The boy found a jar full of nuts. Parrots can be found in many countries. These statements are not in order. Air conditioners- air coolers.

Replace the dashes with the correct letters to make the words in the clues. No, pooja na phool mp3 it is not day time in the poem. They had tamed a small white rabbit.

Spark 1 2 3 4. Student s Book Workbook Companion..

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Puppy is wagging its tail. Punctuate the following paragraph without looking at the story and rewrite it in your exercise book.

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He has two brothers and a sister. Parrots can hold a pen with its leg. The environment is not as polluted here as in the busy city.