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The Life and Work of Peter Rogers. The unfinished film Something's Got to Give included a nude pool swim scene with Marilyn Monroe. There is also a brief moment in D. She undoes her top briefly exposing one of her breasts.

However, a number of films from the early s onwards have begun to lift this taboo. The scene is regarded as the first female nude scene in a mainstream postwar English-language feature film, and notably the first such scene for a British film. He made three nudist films under the name Micheal Keatering. These films claimed to be educational and dealt with taboo topics such as drug parties, prostitution, and sexually transmitted infections. Another epic, the historical film Hawaii featured scenes of topless native girls.

There are additional scenes depicting sexuality and partial nudity, as well as blatant drug use. Simulated male and female genitals are shown in various scenes. The first films containing nudity were the early erotic films. Most of these films are now lost. And a lot of times, if an actor feels the shot demands a lot of them, they'll demand money for it.

In the course of presenting the message, nudity at times made an appearance. Though shot from the front, most of Kellerman's body is covered by her long hair.

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She is nevertheless seen with her top covered in surviving stills of these sessions. This article's lead section may be too long for the length of the article.

The Life and Work of Peter

This segment, which caused a sensation at the time, only was seen in the European release of the film. Nudist films first appeared in the early s as documentaries and docu-dramas promoting the healthy lifestyle of the naturist movement in Europe and the U. Sarah Bernhardt early in her career posed topless on several occasions for French photographer Felix Nadar. These standards vary by culture, and depend on the type of nudity, who is exposed, which parts of the body are exposed, the duration of the exposure, the pose, the context, and other aspects.

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However, critical and overall public response was positive, and many Catholics rebuked the Legion's condemnation of the film. However, by the end of the s they were playing in established cinema chains.

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