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Maintaining and Evaluating User Data The different user types are listed in the next figure. All other specifications are optional and almost self-explanatory. Only with a transparent structure can this be avoided.

Authorization to edit documents for specific company codes. It is a collection of tools and programs which integrated with the database, business applications, operating system and communication protocols. The participants receive the required roles and authorizations for the exercises through the template.

This is the entry point into the topic of authorizations. Generate the profile and accept the proposed profile name. In the Profile Generator, you can select the transactions, reports, window media player 10 skins and Web links of which the user menu consists.

To ensure that participants are aware of this, these notes are also included in the exercise description. While you can make certain specifications for the log display by choosing Settings, the Color Legend provides information about the colors used in the display. However, to do this, it is necessary to change the program - and much more besides. The advantage of this approach is that multiple access to transactions used in several individual roles is avoided. About This Handbook This handbook is intended to complement the instructor-led presentation of this course, and serve as a source of reference.

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Demonstrate to the participants how you can create a Microsoft Excel list for the authorization concept in the system itself. There is not now much to do before the role is complete and the settings can be used by users.

When developing the role and authorization concept, the challenge is to coordinate business requirements at a cross-department level and protect sensitive data against potential dangers. You must determine an appropriate protective measure for each source of danger.

Due to a lack of interaction, no request for a change of password occurs. In addition, frequently needed reports can also be added to the user menu.

Determine task profiles based on the organization chart and a business process analysis. The name that you select is, however, not language-dependent.

It allows you to divide the user tasks into small reusable blocks roles. This is why we recommend that you develop the role and authorization concept as a separate project. What are the elements of a role? Describe the false perceptions with examples from your experience. The number of transactions is indicated at the end of the list.

These are words and characters that you enter in the system exactly as they appear in the documentation. There are other settings that you need to take into account for this distribution. Close the file not Microsoft Excel. This menu can also be hidden.

Check if the user is authorized to start the transaction. Generate an overview of the transactions and roles by pressing the appropriate button.

After each mass change, a dialog box appears, asking whether you would like a log. Similarly, you can add links to documents such as Microsoft Excel files. Enter the format usual for your country. This is required if you want to divide user maintenance among several user administrators. For example, a human resources administrator can display the users for a specific work center, but not the records for other work centers.

Since the description of the reference user is too large for the introduction to the user types, it was shortened for the participants. You must therefore add the authorization data for distributed roles in the target system.

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Some of these authorizations have default values. After this, every participant should be able to correctly arrange the expressions used and to explain the relationships between them. The Profile Generator automatically generates authorizations based on the menu functions that you have chosen before. What happens to the traffic light symbol status of the User tab after you have saved the data? The components of the user master record are then discussed.

This is why you must check that the roles have been properly defined before implementation. Pointed brackets indicate that you replace these words and characters with appropriate entries. The user has the authorization for the authorization object with the correct field values.

There is space for you to write down additional information on the sheets. All of the steps necessary to do this are explained to the participants in this lesson. Is the user linked to roles?

With the next figure, use keywords to outline the activities that are required to introduce a role and authorization concept. Expand the tree structure of the authorization profile.

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