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The portable version will not write any settings to the registry or leave any traces on your computer. That sweats, because this difference. The bit version is build into the installation file. All pages are loading much faster.

So do I need to run them both or MemBoost will work for everything including Firefox? Is it possible to use Firemin with waterfox, and when, how? Or alternatively, the bit version can be found in the portable package. Is there anyway to get the app to start with windows but not show the main screen on startup and just self minimize to the tray. It also places an icon in the system tray where if you run into problems, you can exit easily.

It seems to work awesome for Firefox, thank you! Before installing this app, I had times when Firefox would not respond and I had to restart it. This will allow us to troubleshoot issues in real time. Windows memory management has never worked on this laptop, right anyway. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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And for this reason we created Firemin. Seemed like a great solution to a problem that just shouldnt even exist in the first place. Firemin comes in two flavors. Is it possible to run two Firemin at the same time on for Firefox and one for Chrome?

Im glad its working for you. Hope this helps and look forward to any progress. Use Windows Task Manager ctl-shift-esc to verify that Firemin is not running.

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But it looks that it does not decreas private bytes. Or am I loosing something? It opens, it just goes to your system tray. We are working on it and if all goes according to plan will acquire one at the end of February.

Firemin uses the exceptional Firefox icon s by Jairo Boudewyn weboso. Is there a bit version of the latest update?

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Whats the point of using Firemin if Memory Booster does the same and covers all the processes? Make sure that Firemin is not in memory before you edit the files.

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This file keeps all the pretty icons. Firefox devs seems to be morons. To get Firemin working for Palemoon, all you need to do is select the Palemoon exe on the main screen. We arrive on the download page but.

The difference is like night and day. Write the same password inside mail body, so the Avast analysts will know the password right away without guessing. There is no way to tell whether a change in private bytes was due to the executable itself, or due to a linked library.

Being a heavy Firefox user, your tool is a blessing for me. Thank you very much, it works perfectly.

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If you downloaded Firemin Build Beta. If I click on the Firemin application page it then minimizes to the tray advising via a popup message that it is minimised but still working.

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Anyway, will start reporting this false positive to the respective anti-virus companies. Download the Firemin source code from the GitHub Repository. Hello, The link for the portable version is broken. If it was really a false positive, you will get a reply mail after some time.

In any case thank you for arranging that it is convenient. Mozilla is great, but this tool makes it times better. Glad I found this app and it will be on my computer from here on out. Please obtain a new copy of the programm. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Rizone, sent an email already regarding this issue but wanted to place it on the board as well. With this app installed and working, celebration song the amount of memory that Firefox is using is unbelievably low.

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Windows Defender warns you of Microsoft spying you while you use Windows? The new build is amazing with the new extended processes! Access denied when trying to download the latest version. There are some Cloud-Websites hanging.

You do not need to run them both, but I have found that running Firemin with Memory Booster yield better results. Firefox Icons by Jairo Boudewyn. We implemented a new download system, so some issues can be expected. However, how can one possibly even give some thought to having a trial run of your program when several anti-viruses at virustotal.

What would you do with all this extra space? Although just using Firemin is enough support, a donation goes a long way. Why somebody would not like pretty icons is beyond me? Firemin works like a charm!