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Each includes the OmegaLand Visual Modeler plant dynamic simulator as the core module. OmegaLand Visual Modeler is also sold separately. Easy modification Previously, when building and tuning a virtual plant model to reproduce the behavior of a plant, jessica alba dating baron davis engineers had to wait for the simulation to complete before modifying the program. Improved engineering efficiency The user interface has been updated to allow users to operate different functional modules using the same integrated environment.

With this latest release, the user interface has been updated so that each of the functional modules can be operated using the same integrated environment, thereby improving engineering efficiency. Three functional module packages Three functional module packages are available to meet a variety of customer needs. Development Background In the oil, natural gas, petrochemical, chemical, and other industries, the number of skilled operators continues to decline each year.

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The company is engaged in the development, sale, and maintenance of training simulators and software solutions for plant analysis, operation, and control. With the assistance of an engineer, these modules can be combined to construct a system that meets the needs of each user. In addition, the graphics and instruction functions have been modified to improve operability.

To ease the process of system engineering, three separate functional module packages are available. As a result of the pressing need to train new operators, interest has grown in plant operator training systems.

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