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The grade boundaries can be looked at to find out how exams are marked and how grades are achieved. Fortunately, Exam boards publish grade boundaries so students know how what marks they needed to get the grades they wanted, but the boudnaries are not released until tomorrow. These are questions many students, best dating sentences sweating on their scores - and waiting to find out if they have the grades needed for sixth-form college - will want answering. The new grades Read More What are the new grade boundaries?

But experts have argued the changes will mislead the country and undermine the reforms. So they are now released on results day itself. With new qualifications and new styles of question papers, it is particularly hard to predict how students will perform, and how many marks they will score. An ungraded mark remains a U.

To make sure pupils are not unfairly compared to previous years the pass mark for some of the exams could be lower than normal. Students celebrate at The East Manchester Academy. This year is the first time students will receive most subject results with the numerical system after a big shake up last year it was just the main subjects. The changes will only affect students in England, and will not be applicable in Wales and Northern Ireland. When he was three-years-old, he was reading as fluently as a nine- year-old.

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Our students have worked tirelessly, our staff have been so dedicated and we could not achieve all that we have without the support of our parents. Pass rates have dropped slightly across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Coursework and controlled assessment will disappear from most subjects, apart from practical ones such as art, dance and drama. Other subjects will roll out the new system over the next two years.

You may be surprised to know that grade boundaries are not decided until the exams are actually marked, so they are not known months ahead. The decision to stop publishing grade boundaries the day before results came out was taken in to reduce stress on pupils. And if you just miss out, why? One reason is that it is impossible to judge exactly how difficult students will find a paper compared to previous papers or sample papers. Luckily, his results were excellent.

The new system has two extra grades to differentiate students, with nine opposed to seven A to G. You may be surprised to find out that grade boundaries are not decided until the exams are actually marked, so they are not known months ahead.

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