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As I write this, sitting in our ranch in New Mexico with the sun beaming down on the mountains, I realise again how much more I want to do. Back in Los Angeles a couple of weeks later, I noticed something else. All of us worked hard to win Mum's approval in dance competitions.

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We cooked the pig in the ground, we got some beer on ice, All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight. Unfortunately, they couldn't schedule the endoscopy for four days.

And if that meant dealing with extra pain, that was the price that had to be paid. Now it seemed like a cruel joke.

But after the surgeon left, she broke down and cried. As a naive and insecure year-old, I would never have imagined that one person could find so much passion and so much loyalty with another. And it made me more determined than ever to have many more beautiful days with Lisa. So much I want to accomplish. If the cancer hadn't spread, the doctors told us it might be possible to operate.

There's no better way to do those things than by keeping this land pristine for future generations. To be sure, the doctors would need to carry out an endoscopic procedure to get a piece of tissue for testing.

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She told me she loved me and spent the night by my side. After getting a few musical credits under my belt in New York, I contacted a talent manager named Bob LeMond, whom my mother had helped get into the business. Lord, its hard to be a bachelor man.