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The Easters dropped the suit. Then came another surprise for the defense. He had a deposition that day, and boxes of legal papers in the trunk. Easter did his time without the luxury of anonymity.

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They were quickly out on bail, but their mug shots were all over the news. Suddenly he sees gorgeous mother walk into the room. Detectives were sitting in an unmarked car, waiting to approach the Easter house, when the firefighter came strolling up the block and spotted them. He put them on his hood, and she begged him to put them somewhere else. In civil court, he said he conspired with her but that she had done the actual planting.

The Easters dropped the suitHe had a deposition that day

She watched as Shaver searched the kitchen cabinets, the bedrooms, the drawers, the couches, the patio. He no longer seemed happy to see the detectives.

The prosecutor, Deputy Dist. Sleeping fantasy is very common. Duff, the prosecutor, thought justice had been served. Her husband was her meal ticket, said defense attorney Thomas Bienert Jr.