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Odds are you probably weren't and were longing for the relationship like the one you have in your head. Maybe you have a penchant for the conniving scum, but that's an issue in and of itself.

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You can't do anything if your hands are full holding onto what used to be. This fact sheet discusses the normal shifting emotions and considerations involved in holding on and letting go.

Let's get the process rolling. Be prepared to listen a lot, and to ask questions. Inadequately controlled pain or other symptoms can make life seem unbearable.

Find who you were and love it. Treatments are no longer working as well as before, and everyday activities are becoming more and more burdensome.

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For many of these situations the right sort of help can make a great improvement, and replace the desire to die with a willingness to live out this last part of one's life. Usually, but not every single time. It's a symbol of growth and maturity.