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But after turning as a politician Vasanth Ajmal turns into a corrupted politician like all other politicians and kicks Ashwin out from his camp. Not to be confused with the song Enamo Aedho. Nerungadhe penne endhan nenjellam nanjaagum, azhaikadhe penne endhan achangal achagum. Harris tunes with visuals are super to view and its great treat for the audience.

Its pace is laborious and the romance that is portrayed is nothing new to the viewer. The saving grace is the picturisation. Expectations of the film was high.

But, because of its uneven tone, the film comes across as something that is severely disjointed and unfocussed. The same did not get transferred to the treatment. The political angle in the film has been handled admirably and the dialogues are sure to tug at the thought strings of many. So Jeeva decides to take care of other bad politicians.

Every dialogue of his in the former half of the movie, loses credibility in the end when his character reverses and this is upsetting, ea sports cricket 2012 pc game setup the director should have taken better care of this aspect. It makes you stick to your sit through out the whole movie.

Anand gives us a complete film done to perfection. As for as acting is concerned Jiiva and Ajmal both have done their job well!

Piaa in the supporting character is adequate. His body language and dialog delivery are worth a watch. Do bank robberies take place that easily?

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Peter Hein's stunts are a treat for the action buffs. For Prakashraj his role is a cakewalk while Kota Srinivasa Rao would do such roles even in his sleep. The music is well scored, and Karthika is not too bad as the new-comer. Vasanthan goes on to win the polls.

Dialogue is another strong aspect of the movie which is witty and intelligent. Racy all through, it is a movie that is worth a watch, if you are really not bothered about logic at certain places. Jiva does a commendable job as a snappy photographer who works for a daily newspaper.

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The bike stunts in the beginning of the movie deserves special acclaim, great work Peter Hein! Other than Ennamo edo, all songs have a heard before feel and a couple of them prop up at really unnecessary times which mar the narration. All his songs pep up the environment.

Film could not deliver anything more on the show day. The director meets all those expectations and even exceeds them in a few places. His performance as a youth revolutionary leader is outstanding. If you're someone who's sick of mainstream films stuck in their loop for decades now, then don't miss this film. Ajmal performance is quite equal to Jeeva.

Anthony as always is perfect with the scissors. Two lady journalists working in the same newspaper Renuka Karthika as the investigative reporter and Saraswathi Piaa as covers the entertainment section. Be it the romantic scenes or the emotional ones, she excels with her expressions.

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Her sad demise before interval will leave a lump in your throat. Anand for producing us again a very good movie. If yes, then at least it should have been directed well!

Jiiva Karthika

From the stylish yet realistic stunts to the excellent cinematography during the song sequences, you are in for a treat. But the character we all truly fall in love with is that played by Piaa Bajpai, who's adorable and charming and does complete justice to her purpose in the film. Her expressions worsen once she sees Jeeva and it is love all the way for the lead pair. But Ko's musics takes aways and nothing less than Vannam's killer.

In short, Ko is a brilliantly shot political thriller laced with the usual commercial elements. The Soundtrack of the movie is a hit too. Richard Nathan's Cinematography is excellent. Ko team has done decent research on the movie and its character. Jiiva does an amazing job and is very convincing, as is Ameer, which allows for one of the best twists.

Anand proves his mettle once again while wielding the megaphone and the movie is far better than his previous outing Ayan. As a maverick photographer for a news daily, Jeeva is sprightly and ebullient and fits the role to a T. Youth politics, political vendetta, friendship, betrayal and suspense all form the crux of the story which is entertaining fast paced and at a few stages thought provoking as well. Soon Jeeva Ashwin becomes a friend of him and helps him to come to politics. The mighty Kota Srinivasa Rao is wasted yet again.

The highlight of the film is the cinematography. Anthony's editing is as usual, crisp and maintains the pace of the film well.