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Not sure about the reasons behind that swap, but I doubt this will be updated any time soon. Hi, we are working on the next release, it will be out before the end of this year.

But when I restart Netbeans again the same bug. Will it be possible to connect to a JasperServer repository?

Jasper Studio para Eclipse


And last I would like to suggest to add a compile report task to the build. You should be able to install locally adding the archive update site from the installation dialog.

Most of the other software I run is based on Eclipse. My all the projects that are open in the netbeans has been crashed. Can anyone confirm that, for them, loading of previous.

Jasper Studio para Eclipse

It would be nice to have access to the JavaBeans of the project. It is still in its early stages, but is making great progress. LogConfigurationException at org. En mi caso tuve ke desinstalar os plugins para desarrollo de portlets, los plugins para aplicaciones moviles, maven, ruby on rails, y algunos otros.

IReport with Eclipse how to use it - Stack Overflow

Apparently there is a bug in xalan, and that's why netbeans does this. The trunk is already working correctly for the Oxygen release. Same problem - same question! If you are able to try it now, it will have a cascading benefit for you and for others. Unable to create the report.

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When I click on any of the windows for iReport ie. Since it sounds like you have experience in Eclipse and some experience in iReport, icdl exam it should not be too difficult. It is really annoying when Netbeans offers a plugin like iReport and it does not work. If anyone else has used this plugin plz help others by providing small tutorial. Verifications for NetBeans versions Plugin is not subject to any verification.


Unfortunately there are similar kind of issues with SourceForge hosting from time to time. Can you see a stacktrace or something in the messages.


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Hi Giulio, I think you are right. Hi Udo, I have the same problem, but I meanwhile installed Jaspersoft Studio and just added my report project.

Could not instantiate serializer com. As a result, when you restart netbeans, netbeans will warn you that it will not start because it has detected xalan. The problem is now fixed I updated the preview plugin file. Los cuales realmente no utilizada en ese momento. De-activating the plugins restart required and then re-activating gets them to work at least until you close Netbeans.

Please help me what should i do. Plz give us some information on how to use this plugin. Palette doesn't have crosstab or sub-report amongst others Can't see how I can define report groups. Is there any date to release an install of plug-in for Eclipse Oxygen? You are missing plenty of jars in your classpath, included apache commons logging.

Thank you so much for your Response. There are still some things missing in Studio, but it is coming. There is another install operation in progress.

Hello The Xalan plugin is working or not I an going to download it. Jaspersoft Studio is built on top of Eclipse. Hi, i have installed the Jasper Studio on Eclipse Helio. For this I have modified my eclipse.

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Hi, unfortunately there are issues with the Sourceforge hosting. Workaround to rewrite the encoding in the jrxml file. We are using our own query executor. Even I executed the below command. If not, is there any other way to do it?

When I open jrxml file, obtain a NullPointerException. Is it possible to add the classpath of the project with the report file to the iRepor classpath automatically? It is something on which I'm working or at least it is in the roadmap. Or expected to be supported?

This version includes several improvements and bug fixes. Link to ur tutorial is not working, plz post valid link. What is the best way to compile the.

It is difficult to read them. As such there is a workaround so it is not impeding my progress.