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The family has filed a complaint with local authorities, although police commissioner Luiz Quirina Antunes Gago denied any cops leaked the photo. One night, Trevor Laird, a mate who's also in the film, and I got hold of a set of those dodgy one-size-fits-all car keys. From that point, the ugliness of the story started to take over, and my character steadily became more and more miserable until it was unbearable. The explosion caused havoc among the cast and saw people jumping away in mass shock and fear. The new images of production on the film, helmed by Rian Johnson, come amid reports the crew and cast are on-location alongside Mark Hamill who has yet to be spotted on the ground.

Unfortunately, Kevin's first wife Shirley had to turn up and spoil everything. Saifer, who found her daughter's body when she returned home from work on Nov. Phil and his partner Flavia Cacace were voted out one week into the series.

One day someone saw the name Gordon Sumner written on his call-sheet instead of Sting. The explosive scenes were incredible to watch with sparks filling the underpass and stars of the movie fleeing all around. The poor man didn't know what had hit him. Even her video game persona is highly sexual and a major tease. He was only a stuntman who was standing in for someone.

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With one hopping in to drivers seat to gun the engine his companion prepared to enter the car, unbeknownst to them that they were walking into a trap. These were exciting times but they also ushered in the longest lean spell I'd ever had as an actor.

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It thinks it's doing everybody a favour, but it's not because they don't follow through with anything. The explosion left behind piles of debris but made for a breath-taking scene. The newcomer joined the reptilian alien who had been seen throughout the weekend's filming.

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Just as that happened, an Italian bloke came running towards us with a machete. We weren't real villains - we were only messing about. We managed to get away, but were stopped by police who were passing the scene. The filming took place in a large lot in front of a green screen.

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