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Amber shakes her head in

She looks around and sees three of her classmates, all sitting cheerfully and silently in their uniforms.

He leaves Ella with a smile on her face, and a mouthful of jizz. She asks why they are waiting. He is sweaty and draws a deep breath.

He carefully plucks the candy from the garbage and seals it. This is just a video game. Aidra innocently tells Amber that she doesn't play video games.

Amber slaps her hard acrossShe goes toThey each slowlyOtherwise you just get aShe asks why they areBed And Sweatfest Jill KassidyHe leaves Ella with

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Aidra asks her whatYou make Haley squirt

Aidra asks her what her name is. Suddenly, there is a very large beep and the General whips his head up. She goes to Ashley and asks the girl to tell her exactly what happens when the General comes into the game.

She uses her hotpants to mopAmber slowly wakes up to discover

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She finishes by licking Dan's balls while he gets ready to release a huge load of warm jizzum all over her pretty face. Her massive tits were perfect to fuck and that ass looks outstanding while her pussy is stuffed full. Aidra smiles and shares her name and age, too.

They each slowly rise and look around eagerly. Amber slaps her hard across the face. Otherwise, you just get a white room.

Amber shakes her head in disgust. Amber slowly wakes up to discover that she in a strange, new environment.

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She doesn't quite understand what is happening, but she knows she wants to be included. In perfect fake obedience, she tells him. Vincent drives along silently, keeping his eye on the road as they pass by blocks of industrial buildings, until the last student is dropped off.