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You will see that some of the game plays differ a bit from traditional dating sims games. The dating part is just a simple add-on, not important, but it is there.

At some jobs you may encounter boys to develop relationships with. You get to dress up and play some minigames in the hopes of finding Prince Charming. As well as helping you get the date, building stats allows you to get better jobs around town.

The more money you make, the better gifts you can buy for your dates. Plus, in addition to talking to possible partners, you may also hunt to earn money for gifts and even dress your character up in different outfits. So pick a game above and get started. The main difference between the two is the gender of the main character and the gender of those you are trying to seduce.

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Unlike that game, however, Kaleidoscope allows you to do other things like collect and sell mushrooms, as well as buy gifts for your date. You can't just walk up to a gentleman and start talking to him. Natalie Steve, Trent, Jacob, and Ryan Get a winter job selling flowers and romance bachelors in a sweet small town. Lots of Choices The plethora of attributes allows you to build a very customized character.

Don't worry - you won't spend several minutes of your life wasting time answering questions. Below is a brief list of the major anime sim game hubs on the web.

With more money you can buy better gifts for you dates, go to more expensive locations and buy accessories for yourself that will give you an edge when pursuing your dates. Visual novel with adventure game puzzles. Heavy on the Conversation The focus on communication is so great that the game is somewhat boring at times. If you're too timid around an outgoing man, you'll quickly lose his interest, while if you're too assertive around a timid man, you'll scare him away. Likewise, you must tailor your responses to fit the man's particular personality.

And the better job you have, the more money you make. Christina plus secret characters A teenager tries to solve occult murders and her mysterious dreams while dealing with vampires and werewolves. Janet Nathaniel, Alben, Bradley, Rafael, and Linds A girl goes on a blind date, everything goes wrong, and she ends up trapped in a mysterious house with five guys.

There's no job to work, no studies to complete and no training to perform. Study, shop, and keep an eye on fashion trends to catch your love interest's eye. There's also a sequel that adds a different boy. Simply follow these tips and have a successful date.

Romeo on the Run The aim of these dating games is to find, date and pursue the man or woman that you desire. So choose a game and start learning how to become a stud or seducer in a short time. You have to work hard at training your character so that she possesses those traits which said men will find worthwhile. You can get married and have a baby.

Free Simulation Games Free Simulation Games has dozens of dating simulation games, all with different storylines and free gameplay. Like with Naruto Dating, there's an attribute system, but it's far less complex. These stats are usually intelligence, charm and athleticism, but they will vary from dating game to dating game. Places for dating in these dating games can vary from cheap local cafe to expensive restaurants, downloadable dating sims etc.

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If you are looking for something different, check out our other dating simulation games. Try your hand at flirting at a bus station or even head out on a second date. You can be a strong man with poor intelligence, or you can be a weak woman who's extremely bright. Pursue Your Type You get to choose the type of man you'd like to pursue.