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Easily covers undergraduate medicine. Increased insertional activity may precede actual denervation. Unable to cup sole of foot.

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Makes information easy to find with a uniform chapter organization. It is usually easy to distract someone by asking them questions about what they like to do, where they like to go, shapefile etc. But the truth is that they are fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Successfully correlate electrodiagnostic findings with key clinical findings for more confident diagnoses.

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Import all of the images and tables into PowerPoint. The potential sites for stimulation are reviewed later in this chapter. In this segment, you will see slowing of conduction velocity. Weak or absent extension of forearm at elbow.

Attempting to elicit a sensory nerve study at a motor setting will give a flat line because the gain on a motor setting will not be high enough. Tap into the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of leading authorities for well-rounded, trusted guidance. This canal contains the ulnar artery, vein and nerve. This is because the radial nerve innervation to the supinator muscle occurs proximally. Inching is a useful technique for localizing entrapment along the course of a nerve Fig.

Easy EMG - PDF Free Download

Clinical Presentation Ulnar neuropathy is the second most frequent entrapment neuropathy of the upper extremity carpal tunnel syndrome being the most common. Try not to pull back too far or you will pull the needle all the way out and have to restick the needle into the patient. It is important to remember that not all patients experience the same symptoms. Features at-a-glance tables that concisely present complicated information. Julie Silver Electrodiagnostic testing is an important method for physicians to distinguish between many nerve and muscle disorders.

Height If you can remember that nerve conduction studies are normally faster in the arms than in the legs, then the effect of height will make sense to you. It is important to know the anatomy of the radial nerve in order to perform a competent physical examination. Normal muscles should be electrically silent after needle insertion.

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This would be apparent on nerve studies if the lesion were between the area of stimulation and the pickup electrodes. Weakness in knee flexion, medial rotation and extension.

It is one of the best books I have ever read and used in my practice. One of the things that is important to remember is that electrodiagnostic studies represent a physiologic piece of the diagnostic puzzle.

This is to protect you as well as the patient. Electrode Placement There are many issues that occur when electrodes are improperly placed. At this point, the same potential will be constantly replaced in the same location on the screen.

If you are just beginning to learn about what nerves supply what muscles and such, this will be a slightly more complicated subject, but still very manageable. Motor unit duration is a better measure of pathology than polyphasicity.

Normal insertional activity typically only lasts a few hundred milliseconds, just barely longer than the needle movement itself. Usually the ground is larger than the recording electrodes and provides a large surface area in contact with the patient.

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Enhance your knowledge with hundreds of self-assessment questions. Stay up to date with must-know information on iatrogenic complications of electrodiagnostic studies. In other words, a nerve is stimulated at one or more sites along its course and the electrical response of the nerve is recorded.

The electromyographer must be cognizant that the test is inherently uncomfortable. In general, when measuring distance, follow the course of the nerve, rather than measuring the shortest distance between the stimulating and recording electrodes. Imaging studies are also helpful. When pain is present, it can mimic or be associated with tenosynovitis e.

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Some nerves may only be accessible to stimulation for a limited distance along the course of the nerve, whereas others can be stimulated at many sites along the nerve. Look for ankle plantar flexion with stimulation.

Weight Weight is not a well-appreciated physiologic factor. This is probably due to the fact that there is distal tapering of the nerve. The term electrodiagnostic studies really encompasses a lot of different tests. These potentials usually follow, but may precede, the main action potential in the same location and therefore will become apparent. Dorsal ulnar cutaneous nerve see Fig.