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Some good meals here, especially the zucca risotto- but all that dissing the American forms of food and lodging choices offset my enjoyment of it. Informative as that was, it often was too formal in an exposure style to the well-known Brunetti kin and relatives, those especially. And of course, Paola is no small factor there either.

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Sadder even within the home family itself. And maybe even go to the mountains in January to ski. The full sympathetico that he owns and uses so well in the last ten books, for instance.

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My favorites of the series are much later, but returning to these was still an excellent exercise. This one was much sadder than most of the Brunetti. There really was not justice in any civilized or lawful dictation method. So Raffi has a girlfriend? He associates and keeps the enemies close.

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But that's this genre and especially this locale reality. Here his chore within investigating Foster's murder when he encounters Dr. The problem is this, for me. And often lacked the sublime dichotomy of wit in his answers to authority Patta and his cronies that becomes superlative of degree later on in the series. He definitely is fearing certain names in association, as well.

Guido seems to feel the fleeting passage of the small years in a very melancholy miasma. And moreover by what his eyes tell him is so.

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Donna Leon – Endstation Venedig

Donna Leon has accomplished personality progression and relationship depth as she has built upon and built upon over all these novels. Donna Leon can slowly open a can of worms and let you think you are eating delicious clams. The Count is portrayed within his real power to influence here too, dating dengan allah considerable but not in any way over-riding to the whole piece of his society.

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