Athletes are a special breed

Don t settle when dating an athlete

They analyze the game or race to get better for the next time or they change their diet to improve their health or change their workout routine to improve one aspect of their figure. He was a good, moral man who loved his family fiercely and loved me.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it would definitely be best to show your man or woman that you care about him or her and that you want to learn more about the sport. He never had to worry about being cut or losing his spot to someone else. Dating an athlete has definitely made me learn a lot of lessons that I hopefully was able to outline in this post for you to help you with dating a collegiate athlete. These guys are held to a different standard by the public and many choose to act accordingly. Being the girlfriend or boyfriend of a collegiate athlete, there is a lot of pressure on you to always be at the games or meets to show support for the team and your baby.

They have more to lose than I do. And more importantly, I wanted to pursue a career that I could be proud of.

And more importantly I

With my boyfriend, we used to eat lunch together on campus between our classes and his practice time. But years later I can see that I made the right choice. It was like that scene from Harlem Nights with Sunshine.

Collegiate athletes are dedicated athletes that are literally on scholarships or getting paid to play sports for their college. His future was guaranteed and so was his multimillion-dollar pay cheque. If I told you coming into college that I would be dating a collegiate athlete, I would tell you that you were lying. Collegiate athletes have typically played their respective sports for years and are looking to, maybe, one day go pro and enter into the professional leagues. He was a superstar, and I by association benefited.

He got to do what he liked, and she got the attention that comes with being attached to a famous and powerful man, and it worked for both of them. His sport is a big part of his life and in due time, it slowly becomes a big part of yours.

Nor was this decision dependent upon the man in question being some sort of professional competitor. You still want to find that person that makes you fall in love and that pushes you to be a better person overall.

This trait is key in relationships when you want a partner that is willing to persevere through the difficult times, rather than simply throw in the towel and walk away. They had a convenient arrangement.

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