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Does the constitution need updating

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Some amendments will be broken into segments, as they replace or expand text at different points in the Constitution. One amazing testament to it is the mere fact that it has survived as the law of the land for years. And if we were to revise the U.

There are your answers to the two questions we started with above. Constitution is an extraordinary work - one of the greatest expressions of liberty and law in human history. After all, the delegates in Philadelphia in initially meant not to create the Constitution as we now know it, but instead to revise the existing document, the Articles of Confederation.

But the delegates saw a disconnect between the document that currently governed them and the needs of the nation, so their solution was to start anew. Some of these revisions have been enormous and important, such as the abolition of slavery.

What emerged, after creating the mechanics of a government, was a set of governing principles, with very few concrete factual specifics. The Constitution is not biblical. One ten year term and out. Interpretations applied to the Constitution have varied wildly over the centuries we have been a nation.

We will have affirmatively taken responsibility for the Constitution, and reminded ourselves that it's up to us to make sure our Constitution is our Constitution. The range of topics and concerns voiced on forums like debatepolitics. We will have acknowledged the idea that the Constitution needed updating, and will have made a necessary start on that. Having done a formatting update, we will be used to the idea that the Constitution should speak to our time, which may make it easier to do more substantive amendments as necessary. Some of this text refers to specific matters that were to happen in the s, and some is meta-textual matter that should not have been brought into the text of the Constitution in the first place, e.

Iceland is home to the world's oldest parliament still in existence, the Althing, set up in A. We've made many corrections to their early efforts, by way of amendments.

There is your Bill

But most of these amendments are well over years old, and today they also need review. There is your Bill of Rights. Such a plan is not unheard of in American history. The states still retained the power to restrict liberties or support religious institutions.

There was no Facebook in Philadelphia. What we have seen here is just a start. It may have to wait for a more useful Congress, and that could happen as soon as November of this year. The Court simply amended the meaning of the Constitution without involving the American citizens. And we are surely the only modern nation that could be paralyzed as we were in over an election dispute because we lack a simple national electoral system.