We did mostly everything together

Does bae mean dating divas

Today Henry is a bartender and does what he does best, and that is helping everyone have fun. We also love the classics like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Anna and I are the same age, and Thomas is a few years older. He came up to me and asked if I was good, and if I could play wide receiver. She's also so fun and loving.

When Thomas and I started dating, it was evident that family was something that was very important and special to him. The next few years we didn't get to see Ron that much, a few times he was on leave so we talked through Facebook. Ben went away to college but every time he made it back we had some memorable times.

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First off, we definitely agree that this super cute upperclassman guy must be into you. Now, in regards to his most recent text, you should know that this is in fact his way of not only asking you on a date but also asking you to be his girlfriend.

Like most of my friends Karman was there during the hardest time in my life, it always meant a lot to me that he was there for my family and me. He was one of the first people there that day, and he never left and that meant a lot to me. We shared so many fun memories, and definitely drove our grandparents crazy when we all got together at their house. Growing up I loved having my cousins so close. Carl is also the craziest person I have ever met, he doesn't have a shameful bone in his body and he is responsible for some of the funniest moments in my life.

Today Henry is a bartender