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Certainly her romance with Dr Khan was highly unusual, although she had long since thrown away the handbook on how to be a conventional princess. It was becoming clear that Dr Khan felt constrained by the curse of celebrity, the conflicting demands of the princess and his career, and by their cultural and religious divide. Her romance coincided with a time when her life was beginning to make sense. As with her other relationships, Diana threw herself into his life and interests. At the same time, Diana met Dodi.

Diana would have approved. Jemima Khan, the socialite, told Vanity Fair that one reason they became friends was her own marriage to Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricketer, now politician. This was the tension at the heart of their relationship, the conflict between her public persona that attracted unwanted attention, and the private princess. This lead to widespread ridicule from the media, who were baffled by her behaviour.

It is part of the mystery that remains Diana. More than that, he had a fear of commitment, having already been engaged twice and calling off the nuptials at a late stage. She was intense and obsessive, and her neediness was as demanding as it was compulsive. She said her final farewells. Everyone wants a relationship to be going somewhere.

Dr Khan realised that if they married, they would have to live in Pakistan to have any chance of a normal life together. She would follow him on his rounds and even watched him perform heart operations, on one occasion allowing herself to be filmed in the operating theatre. While the prospect of making a new life with him was a tantalising vision, her single-minded focus was unnerving for the unassuming surgeon. In the past, films about Diana have been low-budget, made-for-television affairs that have had scant critical recognition. Her surgeon boyfriend also, reluctantly, returns to the limelight.

This is in contrast with the suffocating secrecy surrounding their affair. Everyone wants you to explain it. While Dr Khan found no allure in the princess as a celebrity, the altruistic, caring woman who was unafraid to take on difficult causes was quite another matter.

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Given the tragic drama of her life, it is surprising that so few have been tempted to interpret her story. In an official interview with police after Diana's death, Hasnat said the only way he and Diana could have a shot at a normal life was if they lived in Pakistan, where they could avoid the media.