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You can set custom icons for the items you place in your dock, which can go a long way to give your desktop a personal feel. Collections are the core of our web app. This is your active collection.

Type pre-defined custom commands into the prompt and hit the Enter key to run an associated file, folder, application or website. You can completely customize the appearance with themes and custom icons and add functionality with docklets. Your dock can be placed on any edge of your screen. Also, use Blaze to perform in-place calculations and base conversions.

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For more information, see our article about Jumplist-Launcher. The look of the launcher can be customized using skins and you can use custom picture files.

There are times when a name gives it all away, and this is one of those instances. DeskScapes capabilities give you the option to have different wallpaper on each of your monitors or stretch video and static wallpapers over multiple monitors. You can have multiple rings of icons.

Do you want to know how to use them? ControlPad allows you to use your number keypad as a command execution system for Windows.

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Adding and Removing Dock Icons in Mac OS X - dummies

Type in the name of the program or folder you want to open, and hovering over the icons to show the recently used files. Rotating the mouse wheel in each ring rotates the icons providing quick access to the icons. Most icons are selected highlighted when you single click and opened when you double-click. See our article about Executor for more information. But either way, Circle Dock is sure to add some new dimensions to your computer usage.

Click one of the links below to download it. Regardless, this tiny program delivers in both looks and functionality. Docklets can be configured that fly out and display folders and files. It also indexes the programs in your Start menu in Windows, providing quick access to your favorite programs.

General use, older hardware. Upgrade to save unlimited icons. They are generally very customizable and extendable. You create profiles containing all the applications you want to start at once and apply a hotkey to each profile.

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1. ObjectDock

You can add unlimited folders, shortcuts, links, and managements across sub-levels. It allows you to easily add program shortcuts, files, and folders to each circular dock, or ring, by dragging and dropping. Delete it and create a new one here. The settings panel comes with an ample set of options to customize the usage and look of Multibar, and it also houses the selection of skins to give the program a new themed look. Change the appearance of the icons on your dock by dragging and dropping your favorite.

Expert feature set, unmated tools, regular updates. Just like Stardock, Winstep is one of the more recognizable names in Windows customization. These floating docks are basically graphical application launchers, that neatly organize your desktop and then run the installed programs on your system. Along with the handy ability to minimize programs to the dock, making this a neat Taskbar replacement.

It nevertheless remains one of the most stable and fast docks for the Windows platform, even if you will need to go looking for those additional modules to complete it. Special effects Personalize your docks with unique animated effects that occur when you mouse-over docked items. Circle Dock is another free, circular dock program for Windows, but different from Sliderdock. When activated, the Windows desktop icons are hidden and the Windows background blurred, showing icons on the launcher. Sliderdock is completely customizable, yves larock rise up hd video from the appearance of the rings and icons to the behavior of the dock.

The Best Application Launchers and Docks for Organizing Your DesktopFixing the Problem of Missing Dock Icons on Your Mac

The following programs are application launchers that either replace or enhance the Windows Start menu, Taskbar, or Desktop. Key Features Access your shortcuts and applications from an animated dock Add as many docks as you wish Drag and drop application launching Robust dock customization options. You can also customize the menu using styles.

You can drag and drop the executable file of any program, and its icon will be displayed instantly. It essentially acts as a portable desktop and you can save all your settings and preferences for all your portable programs. Just like Circle Dock, Sliderdock has a few neat tricks up its proverbial sleeves.

Press next to watch the guide. And speaking of icons, any icon on the dock can be replaced with a custom one to keep things fresh and airy. You will see all your pinned items as soon as the dock opens, with shortcuts to your apps and programs placed in a circular order. Launchy opens as a small window in which you type your search term. Blaze is available in a portable version that supports relative paths.

The Best Application Launchers and Docks for Organizing Your Desktop