Dnsomatic not updating dyndns

Dnsomatic not updating dyndns

Use Hostname If Use Hostname is

This option is useful to manually configured the exact public address. Anything you can provide me would be much appreciated.

In order for this link

Use Hostname If Use Hostname is checked, the configured hostname and domain name will be used as the public address. In order for this link to work for users outside the local network the Public Address must be properly configured such that it sends the correctly globally accessible link. Use Manually Configured Address If Use Manually Configured Address is checked the configured name and port will be used to generate the public address.

The models are obviously not the same, but I am hoping they might be similar enough that the information might be useful. Again, it isn't the same model, but it was one of the few things I came across while trying to nail this problem down that looked like it could potentially be an issue here. For example, Quarantine Digest emails are sent for Spam Blocker with a link to their Quarantine hosted on the Untangle server. We took a wider view and came up with a scalable solution that helps our users, and is available to any company who needs to solve this problem. It can be necessary if Untangle is behind another router.