But back to that puzzling prezzie

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But when Amy opens

Sheldon thinks it might be candy, and suggests Amy lick it. Before you make another mistake and finish things for good you need to find out just what to do. Shamy then decides the glass rod must be some sort of clue in a scavenger hunt that will take them to their real wedding gift. Sheldon wants to ask their friends what the glass object is, but Amy says it would hurt their feelings.

And it works, because Raj tells his friends his dad already lined up a date for him. If you lost the love of your life and want that person back, you need the Magic of Making Up. Draw your own conclusions. Getting back together can happen - there is a way - a strategy if you will - that's learnable. But back to that puzzling prezzie.

What does it all mean, Stuart wonders. Right now if you were to see or talk to your ex on the phone, the chances of your saying just the right thing at the right time - by accident are quite frankly slim to none. Amy and Sheldon have returned from their honeymoon, and are getting down to the business of opening wedding gifts and handwriting thank-you notes. Specifically, photos of himself and Cinnamon wearing matching sweaters. It's an emotional time and often it seems the harder you try to smooth things over and work things out the worse it gets.

But I bet

But I bet right now you wish you knew their secret. But when Amy opens the package, she finds a long, glass, carved object, something that resembles a wine bottle stopper. You need a map to show you just where you want to go and what you want to accomplish so when you next see or speak with your ex you say all the right things and deliver just the right message.

She pats him on the head right back. Raj originally gave the crystal wand to Howard and Bernadette as a wedding present, a sincere offering he hoped they would like.

We all know of people who have broken up and then got back together. Meanwhile, at lunch in the CalTech cafeteria, we learn the truth behind the crystal. The locket is empty, because, they assume, it is meant to be filled with their memories. They have no idea what it is, and the mystery is keeping them up at night.