Rarely is the reverse true

Dating turnoffs for women

While stories can be enthralling

Well, we're bound to notice you gawking at them at some point during the date. Men who call only during nightfall, spell trouble.

Not all men suffer from this, mind you. It shouldn't come as a big surprise, but if you are reeking of B. When you post pictures that don't represent who you are, he thinks you're a liar. Your date is seated comfortably in a luxurious restaurant, enjoying her second glass of wine, when the calm is suddenly pierced by a string of profanity.

In this case unfortunately, it's your date that stinks like a drunken bum off the street. This sort of behavior is paleolithic, making it downright nasty to behave like so, in front of a date. For men who want quick results, you're only digging your own grave.

While stories can be enthralling, amusing, and insightful, others of a somber nature aren't all that intriguing. It bugs a man to be told how he has to change something about himself to fit into your life. Okay, ladies, it's your turn now to let me know how you feel about these.

He thinks you'll do the same thing to him after your date. Nothing is more uplifting and impressive to look upon, than a well-groomed man. But the truth is, women want their men to confidently stride into a room and exude charm, leaving others swooning in delight. Either like him how he is or move on. The Storyteller Some people love telling stories, lots of them.

If you love being labeled a Drama Queen, keep talking trash about men. Decorous women will want to know the truth, since obviously morality overrules a good time. Women are used to being told what men find attractive, and also what makes their skin crawl. Maybe she's trying to move on or gain closure by dealing with her marred past, but that doesn't give a date the right to pry. Yes, it was you cursing the waiter that brought the wrong order to your table.

It bugs a man