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Whenever I have mentioned I am scheduled to work etc. If and when she wanted to go out on a real date, she would make Mike aware in her own way.

Right now I'm really cool with the idea of just dating a few different people and not just focusing on one person. Besides I'm dating multiple people, not looking to be with just one person, no stress, us treasury yield curve online dating so no reason for this. Here is a short example of being overly eager. Who knows - maybe she thinks Mike is funny-looking?

It was apparent on the phone call that I was quite irritated at this. It can seem innocent and yet it seems excessive at the same time, and this was all without even having the coffee date yet.

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My friend, Mike, had a crush on his Living Trust attorney, Antoinette. More texting later that day, basically this has become a daily thing, where there is constant contact via text.

When you pursue a woman, you've always got to carefully consider the totality of your actions. This is subtle, but it's what my instinct is telling me. In other words, you have to try and put yourself in the woman's shoes, and think about how she perceives your approach. He can be entertaining, and at times since then there have been moments when I have kind of liked the attention, despite the evolving realization that this is becoming problematic.

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Walked me to my car afterwards, no kiss, just a hug goodbye. Mike told me that he keeps asking her out - and even invited her to Mother's Day brunch huh? Whether you want to date a particular woman or not is immaterial - if you appear to her to be too interested, she is going to think you are weird or a stalker or possibly too controlling. Document everything from this day forward. Not much contact over the previous two days.

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It lasted all of like minutes, and then I went about my business. During dinner, he's asking what plans I have for the weekend, and to me, it appears he does this in ways that are inclined towards figuring out my schedule. Three long, busy nights this week. One text exchange a few days prior revolved around what my preference was in men's underwear ranging to my interest in a man's hands, etc.

Five Dating Deal Breakers - Too Eager - Beliefnet

And if you really are interested in a particular woman, the last thing you want to do is scare her off! During the coffee date, he brought up the subject of my seeming irritated during that phone call earlier. Why this need for followup? My advice to Mike at the time was to back off of Antoinette completely.

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If she didn't respond to his first attempt to go out with her, his best bet would have been to just keep it work-related, and try to spread the good karma approach to encourage her friendship. The exchanges are usually in the tone of questions inclined towards getting to know the other person, e. But I'm getting a vibe that this could have some potential problems. Fun conversation, lots of jokes, laughter, movie quotes, etc. It seems that now, my task is how to get rid of this guy.

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