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Dating testimonial

Although I was too shy at

Although, I was too shy at the end of the night to ask her for her number or even give her mine. Come in and see for yourself.

What you do not know is how to best invest your time and energy in finding the perfect relationship. We began dating a couple of weeks after that first event and have been together since. Our agency will place you directly at the dinner table with hand-picked females who will meet your requirements and allow you to spend hours testing the chemistry between the two of you. We live in beautiful homes, drive nice cars, take exotic vacations and enjoy financial security. You can really tell how much heart you put into your business.

It is part of our job to convince a woman that you are worthy of clearing her social calendar to have a quiet dinner with you. If it weren't for you I never would have met the love of my life. Even if we do make the time to ask out strangers, most women will only politely refuse our advances and flirtations, and look the other way. The women that you will meet will be completely open to relocating for the right partner. Because you know how to make money.

You no longer have to prove yourself or what your intentions are during the date, as we have already paved the way for you. We will tell you frankly and confidentially if you are being realistic in your desired parameters for a partner and if we can assist you in your search. Your events are very organized, enjoyable and most of all comfortable and I believe it was this environment that helped me relax and be myself so that I could be open to meeting someone. There is no wasting of time, as we can tell you immediately if you are right for us and the women in our program.

Other men are constantly approaching the same two percent of beautiful women in public that you are. It is extremely frustrating. Being introduced to women in this manner allows you to skip the awkward pre-date conversation and get right to the heart of what you are both seeking in a union. She was at the second event I went to though, and I finally got the courage to give her my number but I was still too shy to ask for hers.

We all walk into the same room, look at the same five attractive women and one by one, take our best shots. Everything we do is in writing. Since none of that was really working for me I thought I would just suck it up and try something different.

Come in and see for yourself