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Statistics Canada, census. While a reserve is land set aside by the Indian Act for a band or First Nation, a settlement is a place where the resident population is predominantly Indigenous.

Perhaps you want to line up a sizzling encounter for your upcoming trip out of town. Frost shared the developmental objectives of Liberal ministers in Ottawa such as C.

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Ninety per cent of these lands are owned by the Crown. Mining In terms of value, Ontario produces more metals and other minerals than any other province or territory. The establishment of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler plants spawned a series of related industries dotted all across Southern Ontario. As in other jurisdictions, Ontario farmers are accustomed to selling their products through marketing boards that were established as far back as the s. The Pickering and Darlington nuclear stations are located east of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Provincial Political Structure Ontario legislative buildings, Toronto, seat of the Ontario provincial government. The points on this map represent the administrative offices of the various First Nations in Ontario.

In the election, the Liberal Party engaged in patronage, and won the election with a small majority. The financial crisis only added to the challenges faced by manufacturing firms.

Of the provinces, Ontario has the highest on-reserve population. Other Ontario First Nations have made national headlines highlighting additional challenges faced by those living on reserves.

Catharines-Niagara in the southwest. Typical portfolios include finance, health and education. Today, Friendship Centres are dynamic hubs of economic and social convergence that create space for Indigenous communities to thrive. Historically, proximity to the American automotive industry encouraged the location of manufacturing plants in Ontario.

Wherever you are going, don't leave without knowing where to go and who to meet. Midth Century Liberal leader Mitchell Hepburn battled against the appearance of industrial unionism from the United States, and in fought and won a provincial election on the issue. The party with the most seats forms the government, and the leader of this party becomes premier. It sets a benchmark for how the public sector will work collaboratively with urban Indigenous communities and organizations.

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The decline was in large part due to a strong Canadian dollar in the early s, in turn tied to the high price of oil at the time. The cities of northern Ontario are strung out along the railway lines to which most of them owe their origin. These numbers reflect the fact that, in addition to being the most populous province in the country, Ontario is also the most urban.

The province is home to three nuclear power plants. In terms of farm cash receipts i.

According to the Elections Act, provincial elections are to be held on the first Thursday of June, every four years. Most farming is done in the south, although clusters of farms on the Canadian Shield serve local dairy markets. Energy The vast majority of electricity in Ontario is transmitted by Hydro One. The southern portion of the province is primarily responsible for industrial material production. It also commits the Government of Ontario to respect existing protocols and urban Indigenous governance approaches.

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Ferguson was a determined man, as well as an able and wily politician. Parks, clubs, bars, washrooms, gyms and hotels are common locations.

Agriculture Farmland north of London, Ontario. From the late s to the midth century, dating avonden mineral discoveries dotted Northern Ontario.

Sometimes, should the party in power see it as advantageous, an election may be called before this date. Ontario is also the only tobacco -producing region in the country. In terms of beef cattle farms, Ontario ranks third, after Alberta and Saskatchewan. These boards do not command universal support, even among farmers, but are intended to introduce a degree of regularity and predictability into the marketing of agricultural products. Moreover, many residents of Ontario First Nations have to deal with deplorable, unsafe living conditions.

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Shortly after the election, the Liberals were accused of bribery and, although found innocent, the party was defeated in the election. Cabinet members are referred to as ministers and oversee specific portfolios. Elections may also occur before four years have passed in cases where the government no longer has the confidence of the Legislative Assembly see Minority Government.

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As with the other provinces, Ontario uses a first past the post electoral system, meaning the candidate with the most votes in each electoral district wins. The Liberal regime gradually declined beginning in the late s under the leadership of Arthur Hardy and George Ross. Fisheries Ontario is home to the largest freshwater fishery in North America. Limestone, sand and gravel are available in many parts of Southern Ontario as a result of glacial deposits. Manufacturing Ontario is the leading manufacturing province in Canada.