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Transportation The series of rapids on the St. Indeed, the volume of stocks traded at the Toronto Stock Exchange had already surpassed that traded at the Montreal Stock Exchange in the s.

The fathers persuaded some Mohawk to make a new settlement at their former hunting grounds north of the Ottawa River. Lawrence and into cisterns.

Lawrence and into cisternsThe fathers persuaded some

This group was made of municipalities that occupy the Island of Montreal and the city of Montreal was the biggest participant. All three are now Mohawk reserves in Canada. Publishing houses, both English and French, prosper. While the Lachine Rapids on the St.

Lawrence and Ottawa rivers made it an important staging centre for a fur trade to the west and north as far as the Hudson Bay. Ville Marie became a centre for the fur trade and a base for further exploration. The court ruled in that if a referendum for separation were to pass, a change to the constitution of Canada would be required and the rest of Canada would have a say in the matter.