Joey Healy is an artist, of sorts

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Kerry Cassidy is an art consultant by day, who is a gal-about-town at night. His dream girl needs to fit in and be comfortable in the same sorts of settings that Dr.

Healy has taken his business to the next level with his line of specialty grooming tools, The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection. He also enjoys raising money for his charity, dedicated to provide free dental care for underprivileged youth.

While meeting men has been no problem for this intelligent and successful single, she has not yet found a man who can live up to her high expectations. He would now like to meet the man of his dreams.

Healy would like to have a relationship with someone who can keep up with his busy schedule and often odd hours. Gause often finds himself in, from artside galleries to courtside seats at sporting events. He has transformed himself twice.

Now, Cassidy is back in New York and is doing better than ever. Lee Gause, Joey Healy, Dr. Brian likes women who exude confidence and who are edgy and understand the long hours and hard work it takes to run a business. Mir would like to meet a man who is tall, with great bone structure and a Nordic look.

He eventually walked away from his successful life as a lawyer and he opened up a renowned menswear store in SoHo, Carson Street Clothiers. Her job involves overseeing product development. Amidst adversity, she has managed to navigate a path to success. While she has enjoyed dating male models, she has found that they are often lacking in substance. His work on the eyebrows of his sophisticated clientele has made him a media darling.

In the first ever real-time dating docu-series in the U. Pittman has worked for magazines such as Glamour and Vibe. Viewers will get to interact with the cast and effect the outcome of the show and how the dates go through social media.

Kerry Cassidy is an art consultantHis dream girl