Paper labels used for decorating

Dating prince albert tobacco tins

Jim Rock Historic Can Collection. Certain size tins were in use during particular time periods.

Ellisco, Incorporated first known as George D. Use of this varnish produced a much whiter portrait of the prince in the oval medallion. This coating prevented discoloration of vegetables and other reactions with the metal can. Early paper labels may not have listed or pictured the product within the tin or can.

Hole-and-cap - Can lids have central cap where food was inserted before sealing. If you find a patent number on your tin, this listing may help you determine it's approximate age. By looking up the business in the directory you can determine when they moved to a new location or the address simply changed because of changes in the city's addressing system. Hand-soldered seams - Globby, irregular bands of lead solder along edges and around top, cap, and base of can.

Initial results not very good. Don't forget about telephone numbers. This is the rarest and most valuable of Lucky Strike Tobacco tins it was produced in the early s just before cigarette packs replaced these tins and the unrolled tobacco for good. In America, this practice was discontinued at a later time.

Holeandcap  Can lids

The cone-top can allowed beer bottlers to retain their old bottling equipment. Many tins have a copyright date on them. This tin for Benton Mixture by Weisert Bros. The easiest and quickest way to get an accurate value is to email us at Info ManifestAuctions. Many people I talk to get hung up on the age of the tin they have and how old it is exactly.

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Commercially available by the late s. Until the s Machine-soldered seams - Bands of lead solder much thinner and more-evenly applied. Types of Tobacco Tobacco tins carry all kinds of terms like plug-cut, cube-cut, cross-cut, roll-cut, crimp-cut, rubbed, and more. Southern Oregon State University.

Addresses on tins can often be linked to a time period, even down to the exact year, if you use an old city directory or telephone book. Reynolds Tobacco Company R. We are most interested in rarer and high grade tins because we can get common or mid-grade tins pretty easily. Hasker and Marcuse Manufacturing Co. The hole-and-cap tin pretty much gone from use.

In some cases this can identify its age, but be cautious. How to Date a Cigarette Pack. The company would continue to operate under differing corporate arrangements until it was bought by Brown and Williamson in the s. The company heavily advertised the Prince Albert brand and it is probably the most common tin seen in the market.

Our collectors are very interested in these tins and we love to be able to offer them, bringing strong prices for sellers. The English required their can manufacturers to stop soldering on inside side seams of cans. Some very obvious clues may not be sufficient, may be misleading, or have to be combined with other knowns to arrive at an accurate or close approximate date. Later that year the cone-top beer can was also introduced. So the coatings used became thinner.