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Dating older women meme

Conceiving and raising a family will almost certainly be impossible. These are not the average women-next-door. After all, it would be nothing short of curmudgeonly to condemn a couple's love on the basis of an age gap.

The lifestyle, wishes, and plans a man in his twenties will have will be jarringly out of synch with those of a woman in her forties. If you've been reading female newspaper columnists over the last few years you'd think so. They are rich old gals, approaching their twilight years possessed with a crazed obsession to hold onto youth.

To a feminist journalist, this one celebrity couple alone is proof of a wide-ranging trend across the entire Western world. Perhaps some are, but in general I think not. She is adorned with the most expensive apparel and scents.

The are easier to talk to. However, there is a darker side to this phenomenon. It's not journalism per se, its public relations. There will always be a small minority of men who settle down with an older woman. She's clearly not a representative example of the average woman of her age.

It's a thrill simply

But as much as I might in theory enjoy their company, I wouldn't want to marry one. Their greater fund of experience has shown them what a load of trash the current vogue for emasculating men through girl-power is. But that is not how these people think. The body has been toned, conditioned, made firmer and nubile by personal trainers and dieticians.

It gets to the point where millions of them are pricing themselves out of the dating game. It's a thrill simply because it goes against the grain and their natural tendencies. They are apparently going to get married. Also, there is undoubtedly a potentially unstable power-imbalance of a something woman with a something man.

So the survey questions are leading in the way they are phrased, to make it more likely that they get the answers they want. The face has been tightened up, lifted, and botoxed.

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