And of course it works both ways

Dating loot online

Tweet We were never expecting the truth that Reason served us this past weekend when he came out in public to defend his girlfriend, Loot Love. You will also meet people who are in some small way disappointed by the reality of you. But it has also made me miserable in ways that I would never have guessed.

And of course

Part of the reason, I know, is simply because the sneaky algorithms of these apps have hijacked my brain and given me what can only be described as a mild addiction. And so I found myself, again, and again, on dates with girls with perfect eyebrows, sometimes having a good time but more often not, and wondering why the hell I put myself through it. This means that you inevitably meet people who in some way fail to live up the idea of them you had in your head.

This was major as the media have been speculating about the status of their relationships for years now. They look so adorable together though. Basically you begin to feel like shit. At one point I became convinced that I could tell everything I needed to know about a girl by her eyebrows. That was actually the first time they had the rumour mill going but they denied that they are together.

Maybe you should go back

And of course it works both ways. Maybe you should go back to your perfect life and do the same.