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The news purported that he committed suicide and some fans actually bought it. She works as a print and fashion model and a super talented one at that.

As seen in the clip, Tyler instantaneously denies the allegations waving his finger no to the sold-out crowd. The Electric Album was later teased via Twitter. Maddison Pettis hugging boyfriend Michael Porter Jr.

All of my homies inspired me. The pair were together from but ended it in the following year. The thing that people don't get is everything at his house is free. She is also a social media sensation and has posted photos with the likes of Duckie Thot and Sofia Richie.

From the time Jaden was five or six we would sit him down, and all he has to do is be able to explain why what he did was the right thing for his life. For the most part, Jaden is making his own waves in Hollywood despite the fact that he shot to fame with the influence of his famous father. Also, we are unknown when and how much time, they spend together. Now, that the writing appears to be on the wall, no one in the hip-hop community is bothered or even surprised about Jaden and Tyler possibly being an item. Their relationship was plagued with rumors of infidelity with many reports alleging that Sarah was cheating on Jaden with a photographer called Gunner Stahl.

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Regardless, Jaden is alive and well and has been out and about living life to the fullest. He has a mixed race of African-Caribbean origin. Also, discuss who she has dated in her past. They, however, gave the best statements by putting on public displays of affection at the Suicide Squad premiere in New York City.

They did not, however, mention the reason for their break up. Maddison Pettis close to boyfriend Michael Porter Jr. We will disclose the relationship between Madison and her current boyfriend.

But, their relationship hit the rocks in after which he began dating actress Odessa Adlon. In order words, their parents gave them the freedom to live life the way they dim fit. But the fact is that the couple is happy and comfortable in their relationship even after being far from each other. At one point on the bus, he recalls sending nude photos to a group chat with his friends and no one responded. Tyler, on the other hand, did not deny or confirm the statement, leaving people wondering if Jaden meant what he said or if he was just pulling an expensive publicity stunt.

Sarah Snyder makes it in the latter group. The duo began dating sometime in May and became quite an item even though Sarah is three years older than her beau. With the news breaking that the two, Jaden Smith doubled down on his claims that they were in a romantic relationship by repeating the statement on Twitter. The playful Tweets can be seen below.