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Ellie is lovely, but there was no spark and we are definitely looking for very different things. It's true that not all buff dudes with tattoos who ride choppers are criminals, but James has had several legal entanglements.

She has some great stories. Penn had zero tolerance for all of the press that came with being married to one of the world's biggest stars at the time, and he would frequently have violent clashes with photographers. Fortunately for Pitt, he had good legal representation on his side, and the indecent exposure charge was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace. The actress claimed that Tyson was physically and mentally abusive, as well as extremely unstable.

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Failing that, a relaxed evening in good company. James was also taken to court for a half a million dollars in work that he was allegedly paid for but didn't complete. Even though the meal was on the house, we still felt like we had to double check. And so it goes that Wright eventually fell for a bad boy, in this case the notoriously intense Sean Penn. The links are powered by Skimlinks.

Describe Ellie in three words Calm, polite, engaging. At the same time, a ferocious boxer named Mike Tyson had exploded onto the scene and quickly became one of the most fearsome fighters to ever step into the ring.

No, I think there was a mutual feeling that it was time to head home. No, we had a friendly hug goodnight.