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Canonical Character Deaths included. We won't start posting until we've got about five chapters written out because of our busy schedule. Something went very wrong that Dumbledore never planned for. The thing is, there's just not that much to smile about these days, and Cloud doesn't even know the man.

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His brother had told him they had free will, the choice to do what they wished. Yet events soon threaten to send his life into more calamity. Each chapter should deal with a different universe. Dean doesn't think he deserves to be saved, but he thinks this Castiel guy is kind of all right.

Hopefully they don't get banned in the process. Until Castiel follows him to a certain kind of club. Short stories about Steve and Tony kissing. Each chapter will revolve around a holiday and be posted on that holiday. Life was good, and he had the best friend imaginable.

Until Castiel follows him to

After releasing Leviathan, Castiel is pulled from the reservoir fully human. Milton schedules a parent-teacher conference.

Timeline varies across the span of Cloud's life. Months after the Disasteroid, Danny Fenton is still adjusting to the rapid changes in his life. Cloud has no romantic interest in Zack's boyfriends, and Zack doesn't like the idea of Cloud joining his relationship.

Danny and friends are transported to a whole new world after a random ghost attack teleports them elsewhere. Dean and Sam figure out how to have a threeway with Castiel while sleeping in different towns. It will be updated sporadically.

Two more chapters left for this one. Too bad neither are interested. The strangest day for Cloud ensues. Most likely will be updated after First Born has been finished.

In which Danny finds himself irrevocably tangled up in the destinies of Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert, and guardian of another world to boot. Allusions to sexual activities, but nothing graphic. Sequel to A Tangled Phantom. But in his last year there before moving on with his life, a stranded form on the beach changes everything. Prison is not what Cloud Strife expected.