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Death is a transition from movement to movement. But we are juvenated again and again by static and continuous movement. We are fooling ourselves if we close our eyes and refuse to recognize the change. Time passes us and rushes on, and we remind behind, old and crumbled.

Later he moved to the famous old factory building La Ruche where he met a. To bind an emotion is unthinkable. Suffering from a stomach ulcer and bleeding badly, he left a safe hiding place for Paris in order to undergo emergency surgery, which failed to save his life. Actually, decomposition begins only when we try to prevent it.

Later he moved

Live in the present, live once more in Time and by Time - for a wonderful and absolute reality. Stop building cathedrals and pyramids which are doomed to fall into ruin. We are all of these anyway. When I painted the beef carcass it was still this cry that I wanted to liberate. Immobility does not exist.

Because, several times I have had the intention of returning to Paris. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago organised a retrospective exhibition in the same year and there was a large touring retrospective exhibition in which started at the Kunsthalle in Basle.

The work had to pass by, make people dream and talk, and that would be all, the next day nothing would be left, everything would go back to the garbage bins. You will understand in what a state of indecision I am.

Immobile, certain, and permanent things, ideas, works and beliefs change, transform, and disintegrate. His artist quotes clarify his development as a modern American painter.

If you had given me one franc for my picture I would have taken it his reaction when M. Let us admit it by accepting movement. Our fear of death has inspired the creation of beautiful works of art.