Maybe a really unpleasant city

Dating agency cyrano episode 11

Hae-shim admits that the one nice thing about this is that they get to be alone together. Byung-hoon instructs him to keep tabs on him.

Before she can delve too much into that uncomfortable thought, she gets a text that makes her happy, and she runs to show it to Byung-hoon. He asks her not to tell, either.

Time to turn their attention back to the case of the week, with the reluctant firefighter Chul-soo backing out of his date with nurse Hae-shim. My face and brain are sexy. Maybe a really unpleasant city. The air in the locked supply room gets stifling, probably more from the tension than anything.

Today she just walks on, which goes noticed by just about everyone in the restaurant. Moo-jin offers to take the recon trip to the hospital to confirm, since he can visit his grandmother as a cover story. They decide to wait it out for now, and in the meanwhile Moo-jin takes his grandmother out for some air. Hye-ri explains that her older brother spent the end of his life in a hospital like this. Thankfully I think the conflict works, adding depth to the emotional responses but not getting too heavy-handed with the dramatics.

And it really is very sweet to see Seung-pyo smiling again, almost in wonder. Ah, that would explain his guilt reflex.

Well, this scratches the brother theory out. She does, though his harshness hurts her feelings. The Dickensian names on this show crack me up.

But he says that Yi-seol believes the debt was settled, and telling her would just worry her. Seung-pyo and Yi-seol chat at the restaurant, and we get a few more hints about his identity, but not the whole enchilada. Watching incredulously are the two thugs, who realize that Master was all twisted up in knots over her. She asks if Byung-hoon knows who he is.

The Cyrano team is dispatched to various areas of the tower to keep an eye on the couple. Time to shake up this joint. So despite his interest in the nurse, he hurried off anyway.

In particular the two loan shark minions, who decide to get involved. Almost on cue, Chul-soo pulls up to the hospital just as Moo-jin is apprising his grandmother of the latest developments.

Byunghoon instructs him to keep tabsHaeshim admits that the one nice