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She wanted to be in the Air Force. Loofe loves spending time with family, adores her kitty, Nimzy, and enjoys fishing. According to Susie, they found it too difficult to attend.

She was last seen wearing a white Columbia-brand jacket and a cream-colored shirt. She wanted to join the army. They told us that only five remained unsolved, with three women they had no information on at all. Lily Mendoza, an advocate of this movement, says there is a lack of consistent data surrounding these murdered or missing women and as a result, many cases remained unsolved.

If you know anything, come forward and tell. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

Instead, they were there to represent a movement sweeping across North America, calling attention to the number of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. In fact, it was when Loofe failed to show up to Menards for work Thursday that people began to suspect something was wrong. Law enforcement maybe is not reporting actual numbers because sometimes they wait a few days and sometimes it gets swept under the rug. Anyone interested in participating can email them at findingsydneyloofe gmail.

Loofe grew up inElizabeth Roubideaux is doing her part

Loofe grew up in nearby Neligh, a small city in Antelope County. Elizabeth Roubideaux is doing her part by searching for answers to the murder of her daughter. Some reservations do, while some may not. Loofe had exchanged text messages with a friend, Terra Gehring, stating she was going out with the same girl she went on a date with the previous evening.

Advocates believe the lack of consistent data adds to the already complicated system of jurisdiction between local, federal and tribal law. She has, for the past several years, worked at Menards in Lincoln.

For Elizabeth Roubideaux, this is more than just a stat. So I went walking looking for her and nobody knew where she was. Susie said her family has been posting flyers throughout the state and have received a lot of support from volunteers. Approximately people attended, according to Antelope County News. She needs justice, we need justice for her.

But Lily believes even more names belong on this list. What, if anything, investigators found is not yet known. It was out of character for Loofe to miss work, especially without calling. Facebook Sydney Loofe's family is desperate for answers in her disappearance. To this day, no one has been charged with the crime.