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Dating a girl with a bad reputation

Being disrespectful Respect is non-negotiable when it comes to any kind of dating or sexual interaction. Mom will understand and respect your decision. Here's the good news, the degree to which you have a reputation is largely in your control. My problem is that my sister said that her friend told her that this girl had a bad reputation, so now my sister thinks I should quit dating her. About three months ago, our parents divorced and we were both upset that they couldn't work things out so we could still be a family.

Being cheap, on the other hand, means constantly talking about how much things cost or going to obnoxious ends to cut corners. Maybe lay off the booze and find a new bed on which to mark your territory.

Robert Wallace welcomes questions from readers. Of all the things you might want to bring to a first date, a reputation is not one of them.

Rumor campaigns always reflect more on those who repeat the rumors than on their subjects, who are usually unaware and helpless to defend themselves against the slander. Sleeping with girls who are friends Girls talk. Less is always more when it comes to your rep with girls. Waking up to a puddle of urine is a hilarious inconvenience that few among us are strong enough to keep quiet.

Being cheap on the other handMaybe lay off