The ending of the anime series

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Gameplay involves stat raising, buying items, gifting items, going on dates, working, interacting with the characters and, last but not least, reading through the story of the game. This is because their leader is also sort of one, and had her powers sealed as well. Abruptly Nagisa appears, almost as if by magic.

If that was the case, then onii-chan would be going out with a normal girl. Happens to Tohka and Origami when they think Shido has been killed by the latter.

Kotomi when she first gets draftedExcept they only get to

The manga adaptation, although it's because of the health of the artist, rather than the usual reasons. This is supported in that the miracle does not happen after their death, it happens only if you re-play Nagisa's death scene again, making it like you're playing another route. Spirits versus, well anything that's not a Spirit really.

Except they only get to the hot springs a a few minutes before the end of the episode. Kotomi, when she first gets drafted by Tomoya. Her more outgoing sister Kyou is in at least her second year as Class Representative. Murdoch out-crazy prepares them by having three satellites that he uses to Colony Drop one city just to take out Westcott. Then, a closeup of Tomoya asking what's going on.

The Non-Lethal Warfare helps them get away with it, but aside from the very strongest Wizards, they're in trouble if a Spirit decides to get serious. Both Tohka and Origami spend much of the time trying to outdo each other, only for Yoshino who was stuck in the changing room all this while to win in the end. Shido learned not to kiss another girl in front of Tohka. No wonder she hates men so much. The music starts in both cases only to get cut short by Sunohara butting in to say he wants to fight Tomoyo or an irritated Kyou explaining it was from some boy to Ryou.

There is no reason to assume the Zika virus has anything to do with microcephaly. Also true for Kotori, whose Efreet powers are sealed inside Shido.