Many are Called, Few are Chosen

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Unruly vassals can create or back factions to depose their current liege and install another. Before the printing press was invented, bibles were extremely rare, and copies had to be made by hand.

The Antigonid dynasty regains control of the city after Ptolemy withdraws from Syria again following a minor defeat by Antigonus I Monophthalmus, and a peace treaty is concluded. Hazael of Aram Damascus conquers most of Canaan. Muslim rulers can appoint one of their secondary wives as well. This is most likely because creating two new religions entirely for the purpose of an off-screen faction neither really caught on outside China would be excessive.

It also introduces a chronicle detailing a dynasty's conquests and actions in the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and more customization options for kingdom names and banners. Event and trait descriptions can be pretty tongue in cheek. Gedaliah the Babylonian governor of Judah assassinated, provoking refugees to Egypt and a third deportation.

In the Eastern Roman Empire, the Iconoclast controversy had been raging on for some time, and further east, the Abbasid Caliphate was at the zenith of its power. The concepts and distinctions between de facto Lat.

The second wave of Babylonian returnees is Zerubbabel's Aliyah. Rulers who belong to the Byzantine culture group including, naturally, the Byzantine emperors themselves have the option of castrating rebels, traitors, and other prisoners held in their dungeons.

The second wave of Babylonian

Not as bad in the sequel, where underage or otherwise incapable-to-rule leaders will be appointed a regent to rule in their stead. There are events for your courtiers, many of which tend to consist of them bickering about how one of them is more suited for some post than the current holder. Jewish Moshavim in the Holy Land, complete with Hebrew names.

Crusader Kings has the crusading Holy Orders appear as states after Catholics take control of provinces in their particular areas of concern they demand a province from whoever gets there first. The Great Assembly is established in Jerusalem.

Rulers who belong

Usually, they were kept in monasteries, rarely translated into the vernacular language, and even if you were wealthy enough to buy a copy, having one could bring down the wrath of the clergy. Jehoash of Israel sacks the city, destroys the walls and takes Amaziah of Judah prisoner. Jehoiachin of Jerusalem deported to Babylon.

The game gives bonuses for virtuous traits, such as being kind, humble, or charitable. The same issue is present for Manichaeism, which is implemented as a heresy of Zoroastrianism rather than a separate faith. This stands a good chance of killing or at least maiming the victim.