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There was always something

He could give you some useful advice. He retained the grudge for the bad turn I had played on him, entirely unwittingly.

To begin with, it took a while for me to find my feet. Moreover, no one was as bad at making himself valued, as he was.

There was always something new to see and in my spare time, I tried to capture what I saw. One is only complimenting me on a painting that is not even by me. As fate would have it, just as he was trying to slip away, he stumbled on a group of people made up of Bazille and myself. It was during my convalescence-leave, one beautiful afternoon when I was working near Le Havre at a farm.

One is only complimenting me on

One day came when he was forced to restrain himself and buy from us less regularly. They were judged not to be quite as bad as previously thought. No need to say how much my painting improved. These were Renoir and Sisley whom I would not from then on, loose sight of.