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However, it's fairly obvious to the reader that such a thing is impossible, and that the pretense of Cide Hamete's work is meant as a joke. History of Spanish Literature Vol. The truth must lie somewhere in between, online dating popular pages but at which end of the spectrum? Geoffrey and Smith were clearly trying to lend credence to their messages by establishing a chain of descent from established authorities.

And La Mancha, finally, as well as a good part of the southern half of the Peninsula, was densely populated by Moriscos. Geoffrey, who was Welsh, had a certain incentive to showcase Arthur and to ascribe to him chivalric deeds and attitudes considered admirable in Europe in general in the twelfth century. This question, it seems to me, is germane to the claims of the authenticity of other books that purport to be based on ancient documents that are no longer extant. Abd al-Rahman Badawi, trans.

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In any case, the Arab and the Islamic were not alien to Cervantes. He ended up writing a best seller that has inspired countless subsequent writers. Mormons, as an article of faith, accept this story at face value, while most non-Mormons consider it to be a complete hoax.

No such book is known, and the general consensus among scholars is that he relied on a number of sources, including oral tradition, and embroidered on them considerably. Works of fiction set in the semi-legendary court of King Arthur were immensely popular in Medieval and early modern Europe, as they are even today.

Cervantes spent five years captive in Algiers, and he was allowed to move around the city and interact with its inhabitants. Abd Al-Aziz al-Ahwani, trans. This is a skillful metafictional literary pirouette that seems to give more credibility to the text, making believe that Don Quixote was a real person and the story is decades old.

At the time he was writing, English forces of Saxon and Norman origin pressed hard against the Welsh kingdom of Gwynedd, whose rulers had some claim to be the heirs of the ancient kings of Britain. However, scholars do not agree on its exact equivalent in Arabic, as it could correspond to three very similar names. How much about King Arthur do we actually know? These adventures are never presented as inventions of the authors themselves, thus giving them greater credibility.