He was genius at all that

Carmen electra on dating prince

Maybe that's why I'm so shocked he's passed away. And one day Oprah said, In order to heal, you have to feel. We were married for about five months. Charity work Carmen Electra organized a fundraiser for Head to Hollywood, a non-profit organization which offers support to brain tumor survivors.

The first time she met the legend, Electra was an aspiring singer and dancer auditioning for an all-girl band he was assembling. At the time, I was dating Dennis Rodman.

It's like getting a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant. At that moment I realized I wasn't letting myself feel what I needed to. But, I was with him every day. But at some point, I realized I had to stop blaming him.

She was on the cover of the last three of these issues. Prince soon became the guiding force behind the emerging star's entire look.

It's like getting a cheeseburger

He was genius at all that. When I started going through some really hard times with Dennis, I became addicted to feeling that pain instead of dealing with my feelings about my mom and sister. He wanted me to move back to Minnesota and I said no.

At that moment