Using a tripod wasn't an option

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However, the updates extend beyond these big-feature changes to include a variety of tweaks, refinements and additions. This is imperative for making accurate compositions, especially for photographers who love to get it absolutely right in the camera. Their saturation is boosted, but it's safely within the realms of reality.

This is imperative for

Each battery contains a microchip with a unique identifier for reporting charge status and battery health for display on the camera. That too without having to upscale the image.

On the whole the images and video that it produces look great straight from the camera. The darker areas aren't vignetting, just an artefact of lighting on the day. For me, anything that isn't making my shooting experience faster and smoother is getting in the way.

This is not the first time that we have seen this though. Smaller photodiodes also lead to noisier images. This is a non-articulating screen. The skies aren't overexposed as you will see from the second image.

However the updates extend beyond these