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Canada visa application online nigeria dating, internet, email and telephone scams

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - Visas

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Protect yourself from fraud Internet, email and telephone scams Watch out for a known telephone scam targeting international students in Canada. Email scams You may get an email that looks like it is from a real company or the Government of Canada. Do not pay for offers of guaranteed entry into Canada or faster processing of your application. The visa rejection letter will specify if the applicant is allowed to appeal the decision.

We may sometimes contact clients by telephone to get more information to continue processing an application, or to ask for more documents. We also will not ask you to confirm basic personal information that you already gave us on an application form for example, your date of birth, passport number, etc. When you send your application by mail, pay your immigration fees with a check or money order. You may also pay the fees with a credit card if you submit Form G, A uthorization for Credit Card Transaction with your application.

These emails may contain attachments, claim you have been approved for a visa to the U. If the visa rejection is upheld, the applicant can try and file a whole new application.

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It may ask you for private information, such as your date of birth, passwords or credit card details. If you get a suspicious call, hang up right away and contact your local police to report it. Department of State State Department. This could be used to steal your identity. Top questions about fraud and scams.

Telephone scams We will not telephone you to collect money or payments. This scam was recently reported in Ottawa and London but other cities may be affected too. They are the same amount as fees in Canadian dollars. You should be very careful of scams asking for details like your credit card, bank account or passport numbers, and any other types of personal information. The original decision will either be overturned or upheld, and the decision will be communicated to the applicant through the mail.

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To order forms by mail, follow these instructions in English or Spanish Job Offers Beware of companies offering a job from overseas or by email. All of these forms must be retained for a certain period of time. We will never ask you for any sort of payment by telephone. Each set must include the above mentioned documents. Keep in mind that there might be other reasons for U.

No one can guarantee you a job or a visa to Canada. Only immigration officers in Canada, at Canadian embassies, relative age dating animation high commissions and consulates can decide to issue a visa.

Copy of certificate of incorporation of Host company in Nigeria. The email is sent from a private address or a free Web mail address e. Don't give out personal information unless you are sure you know whom you are dealing with. If you receive a suspicious job offer by email before you leave your country to come to the U.

Internet, email and telephone scams

Scams Targeting Students If you are an international student outside of the U. Others may claim to offer special immigration deals or guaranteed high-paying jobs. Be careful if the salary of a job you are applying for seems too high to be real. They offer special immigration deals if you give them personal information.

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Deportation order- if the applicant is the recipient receiving a deportation order. If you have any doubts about where the email came from, make sure to check the identity of the sender.

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